Care Instructions

ATTENTION : Due to the nature of our products we absolutely take no responsibility if you manage to kill anything in your terrarium. However if anything dies within 7 days after the purchase we can replace plants free of charge with proof of purchase! Please read our Policies page for more info! Thank you.



Please water your terrarium using a spray bottle once a week if it's open (at least 10 to 15 or more sprays to each plant). This should be plenty of water to keep your terrarium happy and relatively dry, with just enough moisture. Heating and hot weather can dry out your terrarium quickly, so if your plants are looking dry and thirsty please spray some water more than once a week.

Using a spray bottle reduces the possibility of over-watering. It’s always better to underwater than to overwater your terrarium. All our terrariums mostly contain preserved moss, which requires no water at all, so when watering only focus on each plant and not the moss. 

Due to popular demand we have started using live moss mainly for enclosed terrariums. If in doubt about whether you've got preserved moss or live moss, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Open or Enclosed

If your terrarium is an open terrarium without a lid, please make sure to water it weekly. If your terrarium is an enclosed one it can survive without watering for several months. 

Cacti and succulent terrariums

As these are dry-loving plants, only water using a spray bottle once every two weeks or so (four sprays to each plant). 


Fertilizing is not really needed, however if you would like to, go ahead. Fertilizing annually may provide extra nutrients to the plants. 

Ideal Location

Please locate your terrarium in an indoor, well-lit area away from direct sunlight. All our plants are classified as indoor plants. Sometimes plants tend to move towards the light. If this happens, rotate the terrarium once a week to encourage the plant to face the ideal direction and to encourage even growth. 

Extra Tips

If your terrarium is an enclosed one, please monitor it very carefully for a couple of days to see how well the plants are doing. Some plants tend to rot if the moisture and the humidity are very high. It’s always safe to open the lid for a couple of times a week if you are worried (especially in summer). 

Deer Heads with Plantlers

Just spray a bit of water to each plantler with a spray bottle once a week (five sprays to each plantler). Water less in winter and more in summer. Locate your plantler in a bright area.The plantlers are succulents so they are pretty hardy!

Indoor Bonsai 

All our bonsai trees are indoor plants so please locate your tree anywhere indoors away from direct sun and water your bonsai tree once every two weeks or so! (less than quarter cup)

Cement pots with succulents or cacti etc...

Locate your pot in a well-lit area and water it once every two weeks!

Kokedama care ( Moss balls) 

Please soak your kokedama once a week in a bowl filled with water and leave it for 1 hour or so until the ball gets heavy! When you taking the moss ball out please squeeze it gently to get rid of the access water. Hang or locate your kokedama in an indoor area away from direct sunlight. Enjoy! 

Please note, these are only general instructions. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please don't forget to read our policies!!!